Clever Little Studio | Services
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Graphic design Services

Clever Little Studio offers the following services to its clients.


that fits in with everything you do online
– from print to signage.

• Business Cards
• Brochures
• Product Design
• Packaging
• Flyers & Posters
• Magazine Design
• Cover Art
• Annual Reports


that get your message across in the fastest, most relevant way possible.

• Web Design & Setup
• Website Redesign/Refresh
• WordPress Blog Setup
• Hosting & Setup
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Social Media Design
• MailChimp – Email Campaigns

• User Experience


that gives your business personality through visual communication.

• Logo Development
• Brand Identity Design
• Icon Design
• Tag Lines
• Styleguides

We are also Health & Fitness Industry Specialists

Introducing Box Branding RX

Whether you are the owner of an established CrossFit Box or Gym, or just starting out, Box Branding RX can help you build your business with a variety of tools.

We offer a variety of tools and packages to fit the needs and budget of every size of CrossFit Affiliate or Gym. Whether you are brand new, not sure where to start, an existing affiliate that needs help with branding, website design, marketing, tshirt designs or just a refresh on your current website, we can help.